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PAC Facts

  • A PAC may receive up to $5,000 per calendar year from a legal contributor for its federal account.
  • The maximum contribution to a federal candidate from a multi-candidate PAC is $5,000 per election.
  • A contribution to a PAC is anything of value given to influence a federal election. This includes gifts of money, gifts of goods and services (in-kind contributions) and loans and guarantees or endorsements of loans.
  • A PAC may only receive contributions from U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Foreign nationals are prohibited from contributing to a PAC.
  • A PAC is prohibited from accepting contributions from corporations, labor unions, and federal government contractors.
  • A PAC may raise funds by selling fundraising items or tickets to fundraising events. The full price for the ticket or event is the contribution amount, even if a part of the costs are going to defray the cost of the fundraising program.
  • Any contribution more than $100.00 must be received via check or written instrument.
  • Contributions made by one person in the name of another are prohibited.